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At Ikune Labs we aim to create totally new ways to experience the world around us by using the latest mobile technologies. We design and prototype various new concepts trying to find the ones that have the most positive impact on people’s daily lives.

By being involved in research-activities at universities, we at Ikune aim to stay up-to-date on latest research developments in relevant fields such as pervasive & persuasive technologies, gamification & serious games, health-related technologies and user-centered design.


Unus Terra

Unus Terra is a serious game against COVID-19 that stimulates behavioural changes in the real world by leveraging persuasive design principles.

Winner of the EIT Digital Data Against Covid-19 Deephack, powered by Ultrahack.

Unus Terra
Ikune Racers

Ikune Racers

A blockchain-based game.

Ikune racers is a prototype for testing mobile game revenue logic based on blockchain.

Developed with University of Oulu in blockchain related R&D project.

Based on the project a conference paper for the 28th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS2020) title How To Effectively Measure Benefits of Implementing Blockchain into mobile games was written.

Project Guardian

Concept and prototype developed during November 2019 in a hackathon at Sendai.

Elevate the disaster awareness of digital smartphone users.

Safety check-in for family & friends as well as authorities.

Used gamified design in the app -collecting Disaster readiness Points to get higher level on Disaster Readiness.

Target group from child to adult (smartphone users), both local Japanese & foreign visitors.

Prject Guardian
Weather Gods

Weather Gods

A weather-based pervasive game.

Story based around classic Japanese mythology.

A mix between a weather app, game and an educational tool.

Developed a demo with AVEK funding, showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2018.


Hire.me is a gamified job-searching application platform aiming to help unemployed people find jobs.

Started in 2016 at University of Oulu as a research project with iOS prototype built then – an Android version was built in autumn 2017.

Testing was conducted with City of Oulu.

Gamified design encourages younger people in active jobseeking + also helps to rank them based on their skills.

Important research data on how serious gaming can be used to encourage job-seeking.

Conference paper for GameOn’18 Conference titled Developing Gamified Platform to Involve Unemployed Youth in Job-Seeking Activities. (Mattila et. al., 2018)



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